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NextDent MFHDue to the versatile nature of the Ilios Photon 3D printer and Ilios 3D printers in general, the use of almost any resin is possible with minimal alterations to the settings and export parameters. We have been given a great opportunity to test out the NextDent line of resins for dental applications and the results are in. The materials with which prints were made on Ilios Photon 2 were the Next Dent SG (Surgical Guide), Next Dent MFH and the crystal clear as well as flexible NextDent Ortho IBT. All materials are Bio Compatible and are used within the dental industry for direct use in dental applications.

Based on initial tests some general observations were made in comparison with the Spot-A line of materials as well as the FunToDo and 3DM. First off the Next Dent resins have a slightly higher viscosity (closer to honey) and this was easily overcome by using the "Viscous Resin" mode described in our previous news article.

The pigmentation of the Next Dent resins is very consistent and generally has a not so potent odor besides the Ortho IBT which does fill up the room with a distinctive smell.

The reactivity of the resin was noticeably slower (almost by a factor of 2) than the Spot-A or similar resins but this is typical as different resins and manufacturers have different chemistry and mixtures based on the desired properties. The fact that the resins were reacting slower to the UV light actually helped in high resolution prints where the projection moves closer to the build area on Ilios Photon 2. Once again the reactivity is surpassed and adjusted easily within the Ilios 3D Suite so it is a matter of settings and exposure timings.

All prints besides the model printed with the NextDent Ortho IBT were printed using the 1280 x 800 UV DLP projection on Ilios Photon 2 over the entire build area. The Ortho IBT was printed with the High Resolution setup and closer projection distance just to have a clear understanding of the quality and resolution difference. The material it self will cure just fine on the default resolution as well.

As we have been told the NextDent Ortho IBT due to its clear nature, was problematic on several 3D printers and wouldn't yield results, so it was very interesting to see how it would react on Ilios Photon 2.

NextDent Ortho IBT

The NextDent SG (Surgical Guide) although was very close to being completely clear, has a slight green tint to it and had no problems printing on Ilios Photon 2. The model and layer curing was very clear with no problematic areas. As far as hardness, it can be compared to the Spot-A GP although was a bit harder when completely cured under UV light.

NextDent SG

The NextDent MFH as we have been told was very similar in cure timings to the SG resin although due to its opaque pigmentation we did need to increase the cure time slightly on the initial layers so the light has enough time to penetrate the pigment and cure as well as adhere on the Lift area. The hardness of the material was very high and definitely glued it self to the Lift with enough force to give us hard time removing it the first time. This is great news since those large dental scans need lots of adhesion to print properly over a long period of time.

NextDent MFH

Lastly the NextDent Ortho IBT was tested and to be honest we only realized that the material is actually flexible when the model was done. The clear nature of the resin didn't affect the print quality nor speed in any way and to our surprise even the normally "difficult" factor of a clear resin was non existent as overhead layer were not affected and there was no over-curing anywhere.

As a summary, the NextDent series was used and printed with no problems on Ilios Photon 2 with minimal tests and changes to cure delays. The Viscous Resin mode had to be used on all NextDent resins to ensure the printer was protected and models would come out perfect and repeatable every time.

From the results it clearly shows that these are quality materials with great results and can be used easily with Ilios Photon 2 without any obstacles. It is however not recommended to be used as the first resin for a beginner as viscous resins need at least some knowledge of SLA 3D printing and the user needs to understand how the material reacts and what steps to take to ensure a perfect print. With the "Viscous Mode" on Ilios Photon 2 however the print process can be very simple and safe for even a beginner, without damaging the 3D printer or needing to replace the VAT surface.

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