• Ilios Photon 2

    Affordable, compact and accurate 3D printer for any application

    Ilios Photon 2 is constructed completely out of metal, including all its moving components such as spindles, slides, frame as well as the VAT. Due to the rigidity Ilios Photon provides, the layer consistency and repeat-ability is superb, with no errors or misalignment.

    Since Photon 2 uses a UV DLP projector specifically designed for 3D printing, its material cure times are much faster as well as more reliable since the UV portion is an LED light source, which requires no maintenance or replacement. The optical assembly of the projector is so sharp that even single pixels can be distinguished on a model if magnified enough. Take advantage of our Web Based control, Touchscreen Interface and Mobile App to have the most user friendly experience. Combined with the Ilios 3D Suite, Photon 2 is truly a versatile tool for any user which can produce accurate results without much effort. Manually control the 3D printer or use the built-in WiFi.

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    Rigid Construction
    UV LED DLP Projection
  • Ilios Ray

    Your personal 3D printing laboratory for mixing, coloring and experimenting with different materials as well as printing techniques.

    Ilios Ray is the direct result of feedback, requests and comments received from current Ilios users as well as general observations in the 3D printing community. Everything that any 3D printer user would ever want in an SLA solution has been incorporated into Ilios Ray. The entire 3D printing experience has been rethought and redesigned from the ground up. Providing the tools and capabilities any engineer, artist, architect or general DIY'er would ever want or need. The complete 3D printing experience is done within a laboratory grade environment, while always being protected from the outside factors and at the same time protecting the user from unwanted exposure and contact. Through its slim design, Ilios Ray can build models much higher than its own height and still retain the up-most level of accuracy and reliability. Every single part has been selected from precision manufacturers and incorporated into a rigid and completely metallic frame.

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    Slim & Sealed Design
    Completely Automated
  • Ilios HD Custom Kit

    Get the best equipment for your application with an affordable price. Begin building mechanically accurate and highly detailed objects in no time.

    The Ilios HD Kit was initially designed for mechanical applications, where precision and reliability matters the most. In its assembled form it can produce stunning results with the help from its highly accurate motion construction and electronics. The Ilios project utilizes the technique of Stereo-lithography or SLA as it is commonly known. The build uses photo reactive resin, which is cured when light is projected on it. The lifting platform, lifts each layer of the model and finalizes with a complete product at the end of the build. One of the benefits this technique has is the highly detailed result, which simply cannot be matched by machines that use plastic extrusion methods. Additionally there is a large selection of materials that can be used, which simulate results such as ABS, Rubber and many others, combined with a color mixture of your choice, in both Opaque and Translucent options.

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    Selectable Projection Mounts
    Large & Versatile Build Area
  • Get the material you need

    Choose from a variety of resins to fit your needs, starting from a flexible result and finishing with the rock solid one.

    The resins we provide are well suited for those who want to get started with printing through an affordable product without necessitating specific performances of their final builds. The resins are also ideal for printer setups needing large vats, for which reason a low viscosity is a key factor. With fast curing times and highly detailed result, you really have to try it out for your self to realize that this is what you need. The OSRC system enclosure parts are made through the same resins and built with the help of the Ilios HD Kit.

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    Multiple colors and properties
    Choose from a variety of colors and types
  • DLP Projectors for all applications

    Select the projector that suits you best, with an already modified internals for the Ilios HD Kit.

    The right DLP projector may make all the difference between a good model and a bad one. You don't need to spend a fortune on something you won't really need. Selecting the machine with the specifications that suit you best, although can be tricky, is one of the most important steps when learning about 3D printing. The projectors we provide are already modified for the Ilios HD Kit and no meddling is required on your part. Simply choose the appropriate solution and begin building parts right away.

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    Already modified for 3D printing

    All DLP projectors in the shop have been modified for 3D printing. All necessary alterations like the color wheel, lens focus adjustment for closer projections and others, have already been made for you. All you need to do is decide what you want to make and start making it a reality!

Accuracy,Resolution & Repeatability Tests 1
  • Accuracy,Resolution & Repeatability Tests

    Ilios Photon 2 Accuracy3D Printing, just like any other way of manufacturing parts, in our opinion should be just as accurate as the parts you want to create. We take great pride in the build quality and components which are used in our 3D printers. Ilios Photon 2 is no different, with 16mm hardened steel ball bearing spindles, all meta

Resume Print 2
  • Resume Print

    Ilios Print ResumeSince all Ilios 3D printers now host a completely custom Operating system and a firmware specifically designed for 3D printing, made from scratch by our team, besides all the great features the system has, i am proud to announce that the latest firmware version for Ilios 3D printers now has the RESUME function.

    This means that if

Clementine 3
  • Clementine

    Printed on Photon 2What better way to present the capabilities of a 3D printer than to print a beautiful 3D Composition. The Clementine design by Gokcen Yuksek was taken from Pinshape and printed on our very capable Ilios Photon 2. Clementine is an award winning model created by a very imaginative designer and it is something we simply had to print on

Photon 2 Prints & Comparisons 4
  • Photon 2 Prints & Comparisons

    Soldier PrintLots of tests have been done on Photon 2 to clarify its resolution, quality and capabilities. If you haven't been following the Ilios Facebook page then make sure to check it out as prints are being always posted there first for everyone to see and discuss. I really tried to push the new 3D printer to its limits to see what is possible even with a 12


Welcome to the Ilios 3D Printer Website

Clementine ModelThis site is dedicated to the Ilios 3D community, project development as well as the sale of the final product through the shop. Feel free to browse through the available products in the shop and read their description. Ask your questions or share ideas in the Forum to help the project grow. Post your own 3D prints made by Ilios or other machines in the Forum's Showroom category or showcase your own 3D designs and experience with others.

Bird In a CageThe Ilios 3D printer was created for the best mechanical and structural results under an affordable and accessible budget for those who need results under tight constrains. Its modular nature allows for multiple alterations and easy replacements of parts to achieve any given goal.

To better understand 3D Printer Quality and reliability as well as its specifications, feel free to check out the Understanding 3D Printer Quality & Resolution article, which describes in detail each aspect of a 3D printer and how its final result is determined.

Feel free to take advantage of the Files section and share your work as well as download the work of other members, related to Ilios or 3D printing. Don't forget to participate in the development discussions related to your contributions as well as help others who might need guidance while developing.

 The Ilios 3D project is constantly being worked on and updated. Make sure to check out the Shop section of the site as well as the Forum since important updates might appear, which could help you save time and effort. The Forum is a great place to find answers since most likely someone already had the same questions as you when first starting with Ilios. Make sure to take advantage of the forum search system to look for what you need before referring to the contact form. As always when in doubt, ask anything related to the system in the Forum or simply contact us.

 To stay constantly informed about the status of the project, updates related to sales, manufacturing or support as well as many other aspects of the system and its activities, please don't forget to monitor the News section as well as the Facebook and Twitter accounts through which the creators of the project constantly relay the latest activities and any events.

Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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