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Ilios Photon 2Finally the all new Ilios Photon 2 3D printer is assembled and printed its first model, so its official christening with resin was successful. Due to the fact that the 3D printer uses a UV DLP projector with an LED light source and very sharp optics, the result comes out so sharp that even a single 3D pixel can be visible. The rigid construction of the lift with true Ball Bearing spindles and slides provides no flex in the movement, resulting in a consistent layer repeat-ability, thus beautiful models.

In addition to the rigid construction, since Photon 2 uses a completely new VAT design, each layer separates with no destruction of the layer, no matter how small the detail is, resulting in the finest resolution possible which is perfect for Jewelry, Medical and other industries.

Don't let the build size fool you, as it is enough for most applications and since the Photon 2 provides 210mm height, most models which do not fit horizontally can be printed vertically since the layer consistency will not allow it to deform during long prints.

Since the Photon 2 is a DLP 3D printer, don't forget that the print speed is only determined by the model height, meaning that a single model will be printed in the same time as multiple ones with the approximately same height. Meaning that you can fill the build area with as many models as can fit and still print in the same amount of time as a single model would.

Based on the closeup images, you can see that at a very high magnification, even a single pixel can be distinguished from the model, meaning that applications such as Microfluidics are possible, where each pixel counts when making those fine channels for experimentation chips.

The VAT used on the Ilios Photon 2 has a special construction, which doesn't require PDMS or the Non Stick Film in our shop. The model layers un-stick very easily and do not damage the surface over repeated prints. Additionally the resin used doesn't require too much additions during a print since the VAT has enough space to hold the resin for most models. The VAT is also removed very easily by removing the two knobs on the front side while the construction simply slides off the 3D printer.

The Lift is made out of 6mm thick Aluminium and adheres the initial model platform well for a perfect bond during the entire print. If needed the lift can be removed for a thorough clean, although in most cases it won't be required.

Since the 3D printer uses a DLP projection to print the model, the print speed does not change based on the model size and only is affected based on the model height. This means that the same model can be populated on the build area as many times as needed while the print time will remain the same.

For more information about Ilios Photon 2 as well as pricing details, please feel free to visit our shop. If you have any additional questions which are not listed then feel free to Contact Us.

Created on Sunday, 12 February 2017 11:28
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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