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A new UV DLP projector is now available in our Shop as well as an option for the Ilios Photon 2. The second UV DLP projector adds 1080p resolution to the build area and almost doubles the pixel density. Since Ilios Photon 2 has the ability to remember the projection distance and move the projector automatically when needed, this increases the resolution of the build and provides even more detail which can reach 30 microns if needed. Both projectors are available as options for the Ilios Photon 2 as well as sold separately in the shop under the Projectors category.

The main advantages of the UV DLP projectors over a normal DLP projector is that the LED lamp does not wear out and doesn't need replacement. Additionally there is no issue with heat and unwanted light since only the 405nm wavelength is projected on the resin, which is what most SLA resins are made for. Also the size and weight of the projector is significantly smaller and the lens assembly is made specifically for 3D printing, allowing to focus close to the build area without any modifications. Since only UV light is being projected, this also means that the clarity of each layer is much higher, allowing for even more detail to appear on the final model.


We print some of the plastic parts for Ilios 3D printers locally as it is faster and much more reasonable for basic parts like bearing holders, handles, mounts and other large components. As we already mentioned on our Facebook page, thanks to a cooperation with a local student group, we now are able to recycle plastics and make our own FDM Filament in the workshop.

Because of this, all plastic parts on Ilios 3D printers are made out of recycled plastics which consist of failed prints, rafts, plastic bottles and other materials. Essentially we take what normally would be considered as trash and make structurally solid parts out of it. We do add coloring, stabilizers and some other mixtures to the final material so the plastic gains some additional strength and properties. Now all Ilios 3D printers can proudly wear the Recycled logo on them.

As a bonus we can now also sell the recycled filament in our shop since we actually end up making more than what we need. It helps the environment, Ilios 3D and hopefully whoever purchases the material. The final result is extruded through a wire mesh and spooled carefully so there are no contaminants. So far our printers are actually working even better than before and the mixture is just as good as purchased filament. Feel free to get your own spool in the shop, under the Materials category.

Created on Saturday, 25 February 2017 18:14
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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