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Ilios Print ResumeSince all Ilios 3D printers now host a completely custom Operating system and a firmware specifically designed for 3D printing, made from scratch by our team, besides all the great features the system has, i am proud to announce that the latest firmware version for Ilios 3D printers now has the RESUME function.

This means that if you for any reason Stop the print, there is a power failure or the system for any reason whatsoever halts or crashes, you can always resume the print from where it left off or start a new print based on your choice within the interface.

This is a great feature which will eliminate almost all print fails which occur for the above mentioned reasons and something not every 3D printer manufacturer has. The system which does this is actually more complex under the surface as specific functions log the print process during each layer and create an environment safe from corruption which may occur in an event of a failure.

The Resume feature is something we had in mind for some time now but it became more useful recently with the release of the Photon 2 as more updates to the firmware were done and during testing we had to chase lots of bugs. Due to a limited supply of resin there really was no window for failed prints during testing so we designed the Resume function to continue prints without removing them from the build plate. This was used and tested in the Clementine model a couple of times as we were printing with new features which needed corrections. From the final result of the Clementine model it is clear that the function works perfectly now so there should be no more fear of a failed print and wasted time as well as material.

Hope this feature is helpful to others as it was to us. The new firmware is already being uploaded to all new Ilios 3D printers which are ordered and an update will become available soon for existing users to download.

Created on Tuesday, 21 March 2017 16:36
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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