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View of the Ilios Nano SLA 3D printerJust one week ago we announced the discovery of a completely new way of 3D printing models through SLA. This week we are happy to present the very first SLA 3D Printer in the world to use Thermal Masking Technology, our Ilios Nano. An entry level SLA 3D printer which was made specifically to introduce the general public to the Thermal Masking Technology.

Although small, the Nano SLA 3D printer has enough build area for models from numerous fields and can be used for educational as well as DIY purposes. Its construction allows the use of most SLA Resins, although we would not recommend using highly viscous materials with this 3D printer due to the fact that most of its components are made from plastic and may be stressed when viscous materials are used.

The Ilios Nano SLA 3D printer price which is currently set at €250 in our shop is estimated for manufacturing a single unit. This means that if the production was within the 100 units or more, the Thermal Masking technology would allow the 3D printer to be even more affordable. As the technology was just recently invented, we shall produce each unit one by one and based on its sales will determine in which direction to proceed.

Besides the Ilios Nano SLA 3D printer you shall also be able to find its accessories in the shop, which include the removable Lift as well as replaceable VAT.

Thermal Masking Technology was introduced just a week ago and already has a very positive response from the 3D printing community since besides the fact that the technology allows for manufacturing SLA 3D printers at a fraction of their previous cost, it also uses a completely unique way of 3D printing, not used by anyone else in the past and thus has great potential for improvement and expansion.

The cute little Ilios Nano SLA 3D printer is shipped already assembled with all its cables, VAT, Lift and power supply. Feel free to order yours and help us by supporting this new technology so we can work on it further and improve it.

Due to a highly affordable price of the Ilios Nano SLA 3D printer and the expected demand, please note that the manufacturing quantities will be limited. Materials used in the Ilios Nano which make the Thermal Masking technology possible although are affordable, take time to be made. As we continue developing and providing this technology in the Ilios Nano, available quantities will grow based on demand, something that will be determined based on initial sales.

Created on Saturday, 05 August 2017 11:36
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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