• Ilios Photon 2

    Ilios Photon 2 - Accurate and Compact

    Ilios Photon 2 is a very accurate, rigid and affordable DLP 3D printer. It uses a UV DLP projector which requires no maintenance besides the occasional clean and exposes only the required UV light through its LED light source. Comfortably sitting on a desk, the compact size of the 3D printer make it ideal for use within labs, home or workshop. Ilios Photon 2 is made completely out of metal and has virtually no flex over its entire assembly, meaning that there is no distortion during printing while producing stunning results.

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  • Ilios Ray

    Ilios Ray - Personal 3D Printing Laboratory

    Ilios Ray was completely redesigned and rethought as far as functionality and ease of use goes. It was created to look more like a printer and something you can have on your desk. Through its completely automated functions of material distribution and cartridge system, it provides a clean workspace and removes the unnecessary contact with chemicals which are used in it.

    Ilios Ray provides you with a completely autonomous 3D printing lab, capable of easing your way into quality 3D printing.

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  • Ilios HD Kit

    High Resolution & Accuracy 3D Printer

    The Ilios HD Kit was initially designed for mechanical applications, where precision and reliability matters the most. In its assembled form it can produce stunning results with the help from its highly accurate motion construction and electronics.

    What makes the Ilios assembly stand out from the rest is its solid construction, which is assembled entirely from aluminum components, assuring reliable and long lasting life.

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To find out more about each products and its features, please use the links above. Besides the main products, there are many additional accessories as well as third party products you can find in the Ilios Shop, which can be combined and produce brilliant results for your own application.

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