The best choice for clear and detailed modelsLow Viscosity 1kg Resin

Spot-LV 1kg

This resin has a lower viscosity than the rest. This is the product you will want to use when you need that extra something for high level of detail. The resin is shipped Clear and can be colored with the pigments in the shop. To be used with the Ilios HD Kit or similar printer setups.

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SKU: GFY-G-3DP-00304A



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This resin was designed with a lower viscosity so that it is thinner than the rest. The lower viscosity means that the material shall flow easier through all the small crannies and holes, leaving less to chance when it comes to high details. Also this means that the material it self shall detach from the PDMS surface faster. If the rest of the materials share similar viscosity to engine oil, this one is closer to vegetable oil. Also the CLEAR version of this material is much clearer and has almost no "Yellowish" color, so almost Glass Clear objects can be created.

Please have in mind that due to lower viscosity, the resin also needs more time to cure for each layer. This material is not recommended for beginners. The hardness of the resin when completely cured, is similar to the General Purpose resin in the shop.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013 Rating: 5
 This was the second resin I've tried after Hard & Tough.
What can I say - as description says, it provides slightly more detailed and smooth prints, but please be ready that:

- at the beginning it's a bit tricky to find appropriate curing time - for me it was around 7-9 seconds, first prints were a little bit under-cured with some holes, at cure times 5-6 seconds. - stated above leading to some faster PDMS fogging, but the very detailed is well worth it.

Conclusion: another excellent resin, with the finest details possible I've seen yet. 

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