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Ilios for Jewellery

This configuration is best suited for those who are working with Jewellery or small but high detailed objects in general. The kit already includes everything you shall need to get started.

Price: 4965,00 €

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SKU: GFY-G-3DP-00001F
Assembled Crate
Miniature Helmet
Horse Carriage print
Motion Mechanics of the Ilios Kit
Ilios Kit motor assembly
Motor Mechanics
Seasons Making Of
Motion Assembly Included Parts
Feet Assembly Included Parts
Lift Assembly Parts
Projector Mount Assembly Parts
Top Frame Assembly Parts
VAT Assembly Parts



Please note that due to the large weight and quantity of parts required for the assembly of each unit and since all kits are assembled by hand, the lead time for each order (after the parts have been ordered) is 25 working days.

Assembled Kits are shipped By Air directly from the airport and there could be additional charges depending on your region about which you shall be notified upon shipment. Note that you may need to arrange for local pickup of the crate from the airport unless specified otherwise. For more information Contact Us directly.

This kit was put together for those who are working with Jewellery or small objects, but require a reliable and highly detailed result. The kit already includes the initial resin best suited for Jewellery applications as well as Red Opaque Pigment, which helps create sharp models.

To find out about each option available for the Kit, please read the product description in the Accessories section of the shop. Each addition is described and explained there.

If you would like a custom solution for your application, please check out the Ilios Custom Kit where every option can be selected based on your needs.


The Ilios Control Unit as well as the Custom Power Supply are already included in the initial price of the kit. Our newest Ilios Control Unit can control up to 4 motors, being Servos or Steppers, can receive multiple sensor signals, control pumps as well as manipulate internal Relay connections for high or isolated loads and do much more through its custom firmware, written specifically for Ilios 3D printers. The Control Unit can be interfaced directly to a computer through a USB connection and be controlled by the Ilios 3D Suite through its interface.

Additionally, you can choose the Ilios UI unit, which will make your Ilios 3D printer a Stand-Alone unit and shall provide such features as WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, Color Touch Screen interface, Print directly from a USB drive or a microSD card, Automated Firmware updates and much more.

Due to a large demand and better reliability, the option for Stepper Motors uses the High Torque motors. These motors shall provide you with accurate results and give strong movement while building small or large models.

Smart Servo Motors

Besides the Stepper Motors which are most commonly used for controlling any motion, you can now also choose a much more reliable and accurate alternative. The Smart Servo motors unlike normal stepper motors, know exactly where they are at all times and even if you try to manually move the motor while it is working, it shall spring back to its defined position. The resolution of these motors is just as good as the High Torque Stepper motors but with an exceptional addition of never loosing a single step when you need that exact Micron Level accuracy and reliability.

Kit Includes

  • Base Ilios Kit
  • Projector Mount V2
  • Small VAT & Lift
  • VAT Slide Assembly
  • Dual Lift Metal Ball Bearing Spindles & Slides
  • Default Z Build height of 18cm
  • Control Unit & Power Supply Included
  • Optoma HD20 Modified Projector
  • 1kg of Casting Resin
  • 1kg of Hard & Tough Resin
  • 15g of Red Opaque Pigment
  • 453g of PDMS & Hardener


The plastic parts on this as well as all other Ilios 3D printers are made from recycled materials. Plastics are used from water bottles, bottle caps, plastic jugs and recycled 3D printer parts. Coloring is added and some additional mixtures to regain the structure of the plastic and then parts are reprinted, helping the environment. The recycling is done directly in the Ilios workshop. You can read more about the process through our Facebook page, within the time line history.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the kit or anything related to it, please visit the Forum and ask away. Someone shall help out as soon as possible. If all else fails, you can always Contact Us. You can also visit the FaceBook page for additional media.

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This was the second resin I've tried after Hard & Tough.
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