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Non Stick Film

A much more reliable solution for your VAT glass than the normally used PDMS mixture. This film sticks to the VAT glass directly and almost never needs to be replaced unlike its counterpart.

Price: 55,00 €

SKU: GFY-G-3DP-01100



If the payment you choose is not PayPal but direct Credit Card through WorldPay, there is an additional lead time of 15 working days.

If you feel that the standard PDMS solution isn't working for your application and you need something more reliable for those larger prints and repetitive models then this film should do the job nicely. The film simply sticks to the glass surface of your VAT and stays there. The model shall adhere slightly more to this that PDMS but it will not damage nor fog the surface and thus doesn't need replacement. If you do end up damaging the surface, just un-stick it and place a new sheet.

The film comes in a width of 30cm and depending on the quantity of the same product will be sent in a length of 30cm for each piece as a single roll. The thickness of the film is 0.5mm

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5.00 STARS
It's a best option at the moment to cover the VAT for layer detaching and is works absolutely smooth until ...
- clockworkorange
5.00 STARS
I've started with this resin and it worked great for me.
Model comes out very strong, can compare it with ...
- clockworkorange
5.00 STARS
Great service from the word go, Demetris was on the ball during the lead time answering all my questions very ...
- jaz00k

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