X - Y assemblyMechanical representation of the X - Y assembly

X - Y Laser

Instead of using a single or multiple projectors, this upgrade will allow you to print within a large build area with the help of a laser and a quite substantial resolution boost.

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SKU: GFY-G-3DP-00750
X - Y assembly
X - Y assembly



Please note that if this accessory is purchased separately from the Ilios kit, due to the weight and quantity of parts required for the assembly of each unit and since all kits are assembled by hand, the lead time for each order (after the parts have been ordered) is 20 working days.

If the payment you choose is not PayPal but direct Credit Card through WorldPay, there is an additional lead time of 15 working days.

It is important to note that this setup is NOT recommended for beginners. Prior knowledge of CNC or 3D printing use is required.

Think of this upgrade as an alternative to using a projector. Since the UV laser shall be drawing over a significantly larger area, you are able to build models with the X and Y dimensions of 340mm x 440mm. Normally a build of this size although could be possible with 2 DLP projectors, you would loose most of the resolution from them due to stretching of the actual projection. With this setup the actual resolution of the X and Y axis is identical to the Z lift. Since all movement on Ilios has the mechanical resolution of 12.5 microns (0.0125 mm), with the help from electronics you can stretch that to an even larger 6 micron step if needed. So without loosing any of the resolution, you re covering much greater build area.

It should be noted that this setup will work with an Arduino or Arduino equivalent electronic configuration. Although MACH 3 can do the job as well with the Default USB electronics through model and code conversions, you will get all the software advantages of the RepRap or MakerBot equivalent machines when using Arduino based boards.

Another advantage to this setup is that you can utilize all the wonderful Extrusion based software packages like MakerBot, RepRap and many others, since we are not building with the help of projectors and images but with G-Code, which is what all the Extrusion based machines use. This means that you shall get all the resolution of an SLA based machine with all the software goodies that are already available on common extrusion based machines. things such as Graphical interfaces, microSD cards and other features shall become possible.

The motors, couplings, wiring and other components for this upgrade are already included in this kit. However, if you shall be upgrading from a NON laser setup to this one, you shall have to install the included motor connections since your electronics were not shipped with the required additional components for this setup.

There is however one disadvantage to this build method. Since we are drawing each layer with a laser, it does take more time than projecting it with a DLP projector. Although the machine is durable and can work for extended periods of time, have in mind that this build method will be closer to a build speed of an extrusion based machine, although the speed of the motors can be faster and more reliable, like all components on Ilios.

XL VAT & Lift

The Laser setup includes the XL VAT and Lift which utilizes a build area of 340mm x 440mm however since the XL VAT can barely fit into the interior of the machine, there is no Sliding mechanism for it. The VAT uses standard springs to dampen the motion.


  • Build Volume: 340mm (X) x 440mm (Y)
  • Motion resolution: 12.5 microns (0.0125 mm) - Can be more by software
  • All Metal Ball bearing spindles and slides
  • 405nm UV Laser with an adjustable Iris and Lens
  • No projector required.

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It's a best option at the moment to cover the VAT for layer detaching and is works absolutely smooth until ...
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5.00 STARS
Great service from the word go, Demetris was on the ball during the lead time answering all my questions very ...
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