For flexible applications3DM Flex 1kg Resin

3DM-Flex 1kg

3DM-Flex provide high flexibility characteristics suitable for a wide range of applications which require stretch and elasticity properties.

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Ilios 3D and rdGizmo For You LTD are a registered distributor of the 3D-Materials resins, which have been tested on Ilios 3D printers and provide great results. The material is shipped in bottles of 1kg each.

Its rubber-like properties makes the 3DM-Flex ideal for use in animation, architecture, art, education, custom jewels and toys.

This resin is suitable for Animation, Architecture, Art, Education, Custom Jewels, Toys and gasket applications. Benefits which the resin gives are its high flexibility, elasticity & stretch properties, rubber like characteristics.

  • Color: Red
  • Viscosity @30 deg C: 135 mPa.s
  • Density @ 25 deg C: 1.10 g/cm3
  • Hardness (Shore D): 60

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5.00 STARS
I've started with this resin and it worked great for me.
Model comes out very strong, can compare it with ...
- clockworkorange
5.00 STARS
It's a best option at the moment to cover the VAT for layer detaching and is works absolutely smooth until ...
- clockworkorange
5.00 STARS
I just finished building the ILIOS HD kit and made my first print. I'm amazed, the machine has a lot ...
- clockworkorange

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