Enough PDMS to cover a large as well as small VAT several timesPDMS to cover your VAT

PDMS - 453g

PDMS is just as important as the material you use when building models. Over time you shall have to replace the old PDMS layer with a new one. There is enough resin for several replacements, based on the VAT you are using.

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PDMS is that thin layer of material which covers the VAT glass surface and makes it easier for the build to unstick from the VAT. Over time this surface needs to be replaced. You don't need much to every replacement. Approximately 120 - 140gr of the material should be all you need for the large VAT and approximately 100gr for the small one.

The PDMS comes in a container which holds 453gr together with its hardener which is 45.5gr. The mixture ratio is 10:1, meaning that for every 10gr of PDMS you need 1gr of hardener. By thoroughly mixing the mixture, it is a simple matter of pealing off the old layer and pouring the new one.

Please read the PDMS Preparation instructions in the Documentation section of the website, to find out how to properly use the mixture and how to apply it to the VAT surface.

You might also be interested in the Non Stick Film instead of the default PDMS surface so give it a glance before you make your choice.

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Friday, 06 December 2013 Rating: 5
 It's a best option at the moment to cover the VAT for layer detaching and is works absolutely smooth until it gets foggy, but with some care and smart printing even 1 cover can last pretty long. I've tried several other supplies and formulas - still PDMS 453 gr works the best. 

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