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HD 405nm UV DLP Projector

This is the HD version of our projector which is specifically designed for 3D printing through its 405nm UV LED light engine for curing most available SLA resins

Price: 4180,00 €

SKU: GFY-G-3DP-00109U
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Please note that the UV DLP Series of projectors sold in our shop is for existing Ilios 3D customers ONLY, for upgrading already available Ilios 3D printers or purchasing the projector along with an Ilios 3D printer kit or as a spare. We do not sell the projectors by them selves to customers who do not own an Ilios 3D printer.

If you want to upgrade your existing SLA 3D printer then there is nothing better you can do than to add a UV DLP system which was designed specifically for the job. Since the DLP projector uses a UV LED, its light path was optimized to let only the 405nm wavelength pass to the curing VAT. This means that you don't need to worry about the lamp within your projector. There are no filters to remove or add and no modifications needed in order to begin printing fast. Unlike a modified DLP projector, the life of this system is much greater as there is no overheating or general damage over time.

This is the HD version of our already tested UV DLP projector is a compact light engine module which was specifically designed for SLA 3D printing and can be used for, medical, engineering and other applications. In its core it uses the TI DLP display and drive technology. The display unit uses a DLP 0.65′DMD module with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The light engine was optimized at the wavelength of 405nm. The system uses a variety of patterns via the LED drive to control the brightness as well as switch off the LED through hardware. Through its software interface it can provide debugging and development interfaces to satisfy different users.

The projector can also be a direct upgrade to the Ilios Photon 2 3D printer and can be used with the larger build areas of the HD Kits in our shop.


  • LED Power: 60W
  • Contrast: 1500:1
  • Output Power: 1.0W@405nm
  • Resolution: 1920x1080dpi(1080p)
  • Light Source: 405nm UV LED
  • Working Distance: 65mm - 200mm
  • Approximate maximum projection size: 134 x 75mm
  • Max Power: 60W

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I have found the all the upgraded bits actually make the whole process simpler to get going. My only ...
- Mark tyr3d
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Just got done building this kit, so I can attest to the assembly time and fit up but not the ...
- fdtank81

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