Ilios Photon

Ilios Photon is the little brother of the Ilios HD Kit. The Photon DLP 3D printer was designed as a fixed solution for general use. The Photon takes up half the space Ilios HD does but without the ability to use different accessories from the Ilios HD line. The Ilios Photon 3D printer uses a single DLP projector and a series of UV Enhanced Aluminum mirrors to redirect the DLP light under the Build VAT. The 3D printer comes already assembled and ready to be used.

To better understand 3D Printer Quality and reliability as well as its specifications, feel free to check out the Understanding 3D Printer Quality & Resolution article, which describes in detail each aspect of a 3D printer and how its final result is determined.

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Ilios Photon2 Printing
Price: 4327,00 €

Ilios Photon 2

A versatile UV DLP solution for an affordable price with a rigid design and a...

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5.00 STARS
This was the second resin I've tried after Hard & Tough.
What can I say - as description says, it ...
- clockworkorange
5.00 STARS
It's a best option at the moment to cover the VAT for layer detaching and is works absolutely smooth until ...
- clockworkorange
4.00 STARS
I have found the all the upgraded bits actually make the whole process simpler to get going. My only ...
- Mark tyr3d

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