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VAT Sliding Mechanism

One of the best upgrades that you can give to your Ilios machine. The sliding mechanism add multiple advantages for building demanding models as well as boosts the performance of your build even further.

Price: 848,00 €

SKU: GFY-G-3DP-00720
How the VAT and the upgrade look together
Spindles bottom view
Double motor action view
Ball Bearing Slides



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Instead of just pulling on the model to detach each layer from the PDMS surface of the build platform, this upgrade gives you the ability to slide the entire build area at the same time. While this sliding action occurs, new material enters below the model as the model is being lifted at the same time. This coordinated motion decreases the stress which is applied to your model. In cases where you left out required supports or the model is really fragile, the chances of an unsuccessful final result are significantly lower since there is less stress on the model and each layer is closer to the build platform.

Since the VAT slides at the same time as the model is lifted, the initial bond between the first layer of the model platform and the Lift surface is stronger, thus your model is being held tighter to the lift and results in a more secure build.

Another great advantage is that your color mix with the resin does not just sit on the bottom of the VAT but is slightly stirred. This results in a more even color spread on the model.

The build size of your model is also increased slightly on the Z axis since the VAT is no longer held by the springs as on the default setup but it is lowered by the mechanism, giving you 2 additional centimeters to work with.

Building models becomes faster since there is less motion to accomplish. The sliding and lifting motion actually takes less time than it did before and deducts 1 - 3 additional seconds for each layer. If you add these up on a build that has more than 1000 layers then the finishing time could be decreased by a factor of several hours.

This upgrade utilizes your existing Ilios VAT and is assembled on the Ilios frame with the help of already available mounting points. When assembled, the VAT shall be extremely rigid on the platform and will not budge unless you want it to.

Upgrade Compatibility

For the time being this upgrade can be installed on the Small VAT & Lift.

Since the sliding motion has to be rigid and precise, two motors are used on both sides to pull and push the VAT. The Stepper Motors for this upgrade are already included as well as the motor couplings.

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