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The Ilios Beam 3D printer is the small and much more affordable version of the Ilios Ray. Uses the same electronics and Laser Draw principle but at a much more affordable price.

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Please note that since all Beam 3D Printers are assembled by hand, the lead time for each order (after the parts have been ordered) is 20 working days.

For the Special options, there is an additional lead time of 5 working days.

Ilios Beam is the result of all the knowledge taken from the design and construction of our Ilios Ray 3D printer. Ilios Beam uses the same principle of drawing with a laser and uses the same electronics to achieve the final result. Just like Ilios Ray, Ilios Beam is very thin when folded and only takes up 15cm of height. The Lift arm is manually placed upright and can be folded for easy storage or transport. The concept behind Ilios Beam was to design an affordable and very compact SLA 3D printer but use advanced electronics to do all the hard work.

Please note: The Beam 3D printer is much slower than any other Ilios 3D printer. It does provide the very high resolution and a large build area based on technology taken from Ilios Ray, however due to the low cost of the 3D printer there are some compromises which are reflected in its speed. It is mostly recommended for Chemical Laboratories, Microfluidics and general SLA experimentation. For a general use SLA 3D printer we highly recommend the Ilios Photon 2

Since we now can control laser light in any way we need through our software and UI interface, it is much easier to create an affordable platform to utilize the result needed without reverting to complex parts and construction. Although the final resolution of the build is not as high as Ilios Ray, it is still much higher than an FDM based system and even a projector based solution since the laser is still drawing at a very dense array.

Since we are drawing each layer with an X-Y based laser system, there is no worry about deformation of the projected layer as it would be with a DLP 3D printer and the build area can be as large as needed without compromising Laser Dot shape. Due to the low price, we did not implement any automated material delivery system on Ilios Beam, however adding the resin is very simple as it is an open construction and very accessible.

Besides the accuracy, Ilios Beam provides and its build volume, the 3D printer is very compact and light. It is constructed from a custom aluminium frame and houses all its components within a very small area. The fact that the Lift can be folded gives an extra edge since now you can carry your 3D printer around.

Ilios Beam does not require any material like PDMS or similar due to its Non Stick Film which is already applied to the VAT glass surface. The lift and all main components are manufactured from aluminum so there is no fear of deformation or warping during long print times. The laser used on Ilios Beam is a 405nm UV laser, which means that all Materials available in our shop are compatible with it.


The 3D printer comes already assembled and ready to be used. The electronics used within Ilios Beam are the newest versions of the Ilios Control Unit and the Ilios UI. This means that the Beam is equipped with a Color Touch Screen interface, WiFi, Ethernet and much more, right out of the box. Prepare your models within the Ilios 3D suite and print from a PC directly or export to an SD or USB drive and print from the 3D printer without the need for a PC connection or a PC all-together. Additionally you can control the 3D printer through the Web Interface anywhere in the world, through your Android or iOS device and even receive notifications to your SmartWatch and monitor the status of your 3D printer through the custom Android Wear and Tizen Watch Faces. All electronics are already connected and tested before shipment.


  • Ilios Beam 3D Printer - Assembled
  • All Electronics and hardware already installed
  • Color Touchscreen Interface
  • Internal Camera
  • WiFi & Ethernet enabled
  • Remotely Drag - Drop models to internal or external storage
  • Print from a USB drive or SD Card directly
  • Ilios 3D Suite compatible
  • Build height of 184mm
  • Build size of up to 170mm x 275mm
  • Minimum Layer Thickness of 12 microns (6 also possible)
  • Power Supply: 110-230vAC 240W, Output 24vDC/10A, 92% Efficiency
  • Dimensions: (W)34cm x (L)48cm x (H)11cm (folded)


The plastic parts on this as well as all other Ilios 3D printers are made from recycled materials. Plastics are used from water bottles, bottle caps, plastic jugs and recycled 3D printer parts. Coloring is added and some additional mixtures to regain the structure of the plastic and then parts are reprinted, helping the environment. The recycling is done directly in the Ilios workshop. You can read more about the process through our Facebook page, within the time line history.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the kit or anything related to it, please visit the Forum and ask away. Someone shall help out as soon as possible. If all else fails, you can always Contact Us. You can also visit the FaceBook page for additional media.

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