Ilios Assembled KitComplete Ilios Kit in its assembled form

Ilios Custom Kit

Customize your Ilios HD Kit with mechanical, electronic and other parts. The only thing this kit does not include is the projector, which can be selected based on your needs.

Price: 2235,00 €

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SKU: GFY-G-3DP-00001A
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Ilios Assembled Kit
Ilios Assembled Kit
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Please note that due to the large weight and quantity of parts required for the assembly of each unit and since all kits are assembled by hand, the lead time for each order (after the parts have been ordered) is 25 working days.

Assembled Kits are shipped By Air directly from the airport and there could be additional charges depending on your region about which you shall be notified upon shipment. Note that you may need to arrange for local pickup of the crate from the airport unless specified otherwise. For more information Contact Us directly.

The Ilios HD Kit was initially designed for mechanical applications, where precision and reliability matters the most. In its assembled form it can produce stunning results with the help from its highly accurate motion construction and electronics. The Ilios project utilizes the technique of Stereo-lithography or SLA as it is commonly known. The model build uses photo reactive resin, which is cured when light is projected on it. The lifting platform, lifts each layer of the model and finalizes with a complete product at the end of the build. One of the benefits this technique has is the highly detailed result, which simply cannot be matched by machines that use plastic extrusion methods. Additionally there is a large selection of materials that can be used, which simulate results such as ABS, Rubber and many others, combined with a color mixture of your choice, in both Opaque and Translucent options.

What makes the Ilios assembly stand out from the rest is its solid construction, which is assembled entirely from aluminum components, assuring reliable and long lasting life. To accommodate the large build area, the machine is capable of producing, the lifting mechanism is equipped with dual motor control. All sliding and spindle mechanisms are comprised of ball bearing parts and have virtually no flex and backlash while in motion.

Another feature that makes the Ilios project so great is the ability to hold multiple projections within the same frame, for larger build areas, without modifying the overall design. Based on your projection, you can choose the projection base that suits you best.

Please note that a projector is not included in the Custom Kit. This is done so that you can choose what projector suits you best, from available options in the Shop or by using your own projector. Check out the available projectors to find out which one will do the job for you.

Besides the dual lifting motion, the kit also contains a second motion for tilting or sliding the VAT (resin container). The tilting or sliding motion ensures that each layer is detached from the VAT surface, which is covered with optically clear PDMS resin for best layer resolution and quality.

Accessories & VATs

To find out about each option available for the Kit, please read the product description in the Accessories section of the shop. Each addition is described and explained there. It is recommended that you use the Small VAT and Lift if you are just starting to use Ilios since it shall utilize the entire area from a single 1080p projector and you shall waste less material while learning.

To utilize the entire Large VAT area (if selected) you will need to have 2 projectors. This configuration is best for those who know how Ilios works and have previous knowledge on how to use it. It is always best to start small and upgrade as you become more experienced since Ilios, being a versatile machine, allows you to upgrade it later on as you need it to be.

VAT Tilt & Slide

For the time being the Slide mechanism upgrade can only be installed on the Small VAT & Lift

Detaching each layer of the model from the build surface has always been something to worry about when using SLA technology. Since the material cures on the build area, a vacuum is created and the larger the build volume is, the larger the vacuum shall be. This vacuum is what the model must overcome each time it is lifted for the next layer. From the available options you can select the more simple method of just Tilting the VAT while the model is being lifted or by Sliding it. The Tilt motion although helps, is mostly for reassurance reasons and isn't used in most cases where models are small or the over-all model surface does not occupy much space (a large hollow sphere would still detach as easy as a small ring model due to its small contact area)

The Sliding mechanism helps much more since the actual VAT is being moved while the model is risen from the material. This sliding motion helps new material to enter between the model and the build surface and helps reduce the force applied to the model for each layer.

PDMS & Material

Please note that the Kit already includes 453gr of PDMS and its hardener, so there is no need to purchase an additional mixture unless you need it. The material however is not included and has to be purchased separately.

Projector Mounting

When selecting a mounting option for your setup please have in mind that the v1 mount is more suited for smaller projectors like Dell 2400MP or similar, where the v2 mount is wider and can accommodate larger projectors like Optoma HD803. Both mounting options can be reconfigured and adjusted to align your projector/projectors as needed. Additionally both mounts support dual projection.

Important: If you do not purchase a projector from the available models in the shop then please note that mounting brackets for projector mounting and other hardware is not included in the kit. The kit shall come with the Projector Mount V1 or V2 and default holes already per-drilled for common mounts but mounting your own projector on the kit shall be your sole responsibility.


The Ilios Control Unit as well as the Custom Power Supply are already included in the initial price of the kit. Our newest Ilios Control Unit can control up to 4 motors, being Servos or Steppers, can receive multiple sensor signals, control pumps as well as manipulate internal Relay connections for high or isolated loads and do much more through its custom firmware, written specifically for Ilios 3D printers. The Control Unit can be interfaced directly to a computer through a USB connection and be controlled by the Ilios 3D Suite through its interface.

Additionally, you can choose the Ilios UI unit, which will make your Ilios 3D printer a Stand-Alone unit and shall provide such features as WiFi and Ethernet connectivity, Color Touch Screen interface, Print directly from a USB drive or a microSD card, Automated Firmware updates and much more.

Due to a large demand and better reliability, the option for Stepper Motors uses the High Torque motors. These motors shall provide you with accurate results and give strong movement while building small or large models.

Smart Servo Motors

Smart servo MotorBesides the Stepper Motors which are most commonly used for controlling any motion, you can now also choose a much more reliable and accurate alternative. The Smart Servo motors unlike normal stepper motors, know exactly where they are at all times and even if you try to manually move the motor while it is working, it shall spring back to its defined position. The resolution of these motors is just as good as the High Torque Stepper motors but with an exceptional addition of never loosing a single step when you need that exact Micron Level accuracy and reliability.


  • Max VAT Area: 28cm x 28cm (X and Y) - Expandable
  • Default Lift: 18cm (Z axis) - Expandable
  • Starting Layer Resolution: 0.0125mm (12.5 micron)
  • All Metal construction
  • Dual Lift Metal Ball Bearing Spindles & Slides
  • Metal Ball Bearing Spindle Resolution: 2.5mm Pitch
  • Repeat Accuracy: Less than 0.01mm on a length of 300mm
  • Ilios 3D Suite compatible
  • Motor Maximum Resolution: 1/16 of a Step
  • High Torque Motors: Nema 23, Step Angle - 1.8deg,
  • Power Supply: 110 - 230v AC 240W, Output 24VDC/10A, 92% Efficiency
  • Assembled Kit Dimensions: ~60cm (L) x ~50cm (W) x ~120cm (H)
  • BS EN ISO 9001 and AS9100 Parts
  • DIN 69051, Tolerance class 7 Spindles


The plastic parts on this as well as all other Ilios 3D printers are made from recycled materials. Plastics are used from water bottles, bottle caps, plastic jugs and recycled 3D printer parts. Coloring is added and some additional mixtures to regain the structure of the plastic and then parts are reprinted, helping the environment. The recycling is done directly in the Ilios workshop. You can read more about the process through our Facebook page, within the time line history.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the kit or anything related to it, please visit the Forum and ask away. Someone shall help out as soon as possible. If all else fails, you can always Contact Us. You can also visit the FaceBook page for additional media.

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Monday, 14 October 2013 Rating: 30
 Great service from the word go, Demetris was on the ball during the lead time answering all my questions very promptly. The kit was well packed and all arrived safely in the UK within 24 hours of being sent from Cyprus.

Unpacking I found the parts clearly labelled alongside information found in the documentation, there were no problems identifying all the parts, and more importantly I found nothing was missing.

Assembly was a fun experience and relatively straightforward as the instructions go into some detail. Thankfully I found all the required bolt holes were accurately placed so it didn't require any additional work to ensure the correct fit. I did need to take a file to ensure some of the cap heads fitted all the way, but this did not impact the fit of the parts so it's not something I hesitated in doing. I also noticed the extrusions had been treated with care during their preparation, cuts were precise and the anodizing looks great.

Once built it forms a very solid structure around the lift platform, and the motion is very smooth. I've been printing at 25 microns and looking at the final model I feel it's accurate and repeatable all the way through the build, which suggests the structural design is up to the job. If necessary I don't think going to thinner slices would present any problem.

Projector mounting is solid enough to prevent any detectable shift during the process, although I did run into problems adjusting out keystone on the W1070 due to it's three hole mounting. Once this was solved I didn't run into any further problems, there certainly isn't any movement during normal operation.

I like that the design of the mount allows the distance to the VAT to be changed depending on the job in hand. Some jobs may be small with a need for more precision and vice versa, and shifting between states is simple. I've mostly been printing up close, and I can attest that 1080p projectors with low exposure times using these resins can rival systems costing far more (I'm also a Per-factory user).

This isn't far off being a plug & play system. The build is a step by step process, but there is a degree of learning/experimentation to be done on the part of the user before becoming proficient and getting the results required. My first few builds didn't work particularly well, but going back and gaining experience I was able to work out why and improve. I'm at the stage now where I'm not only happy with the machine's general performance but also with what it's capable of producing... and the learning is not over, I'm expecting better results as I continue to understand the machine. 
Jarek Kanas
Friday, 24 May 2013 Rating: 5
 Just got done building this kit, so I can attest to the assembly time and fit up but not the quality of prints just yet.
-No missing parts, everything is clearly labelled and comes in separate bags ready to be assembled per the instructions.
-Instructions are adequate and provide enough detail for someone who has never built a machine like this before
-feedback from Demetris is almost immediate when you have some questions
- Fantastic price/value here, expect to pay 10 times more for anything commercially available with this kind of quality
- It's essentially a solid block of aluminum when you're done tightening everything down.
- Very high quality linear motion
-Bolt holes are a little tight all around and are done with basic tools, no deburring is done on the aluminum so some shards fall out or get in the way of the threads. I have one of the first builds, suspect this will get better with time. the holes do need to be tight for proper alignment, use a power drill with allen bits in order to drive the bolts down, but don't tighten with the drill as you'll stip the aluminum.
-Some bolt holes are slightly off such as on the motor mount supports, which mean having to tap the motor mount in where it should essentially slide right in
-Access to some of the bolts is very restricted, such as the tightening bolts on the couplings and the mounting bolts within the electronics enclosure. I actually cut an allen wrench in order to fit it in the enclosure.
- The projector mount with this kit is not up to snuff with the rest of the build. This is a critical part of machine and no matter how steady the motion is, if your projector is bouncing around during the exposure, expect loss of resolution. Pay special attention to the mounting and perhaps come up with something steadier. 
Francis Molloy
Friday, 22 March 2013 Rating: 5
 Well, although i was the one who made the machine and my opinion might be subjective, i must say that it runs like a kitten and didn't have to adjust it after the initial assembly. Hope this machine becomes useful to others as well. If you have any questions, you can always find me in the Forum, Facebook or just by using the Contact link on the website. 
Demetris Zavorotnitsienko
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5.00 STARS
Great service from the word go, Demetris was on the ball during the lead time answering all my questions very ...
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5.00 STARS
Just got done building this kit, so I can attest to the assembly time and fit up but not the ...
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