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Ilios Photon 2

A versatile UV DLP solution for an affordable price with a rigid design and a compact footprint. The 3D printer is shipped assembled and ready to be used.

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Ilios Photon2
Ilios Photon 2
Ilios Photon2
Clementine from Pinshape
Highly detailed print
Jewelry Piece
Bird Cage
Clementine model
Jewelry Item
Clementine parts
Ilios Photon2 Recycled
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Please note that due to the quantity of parts required for the assembly of each unit and since all Ilios 3D Printers are assembled by hand, the lead time for each order is 20 working days.

For the Special options, there is an additional lead time of 5 working days.

The Photon 2 UV DLP 3D printer as well as all other Ilios 3D printers provide TRUE accuracy and resolution as it has an extremely rigid frame and very high quality moving parts. It was designed as a fixed solution for universal use. The Photon 2 takes up half the space Ilios HD Kits do since the projector is mounted inside the 3D printer and not under it, on a motorized system which allows it to move up and down to change the resolution and build size as needed.

The closer the projector gets to the Mirror, the smaller the build volume becomes but the resolution increases dramatically. The Ilios Photon 2 3D printer uses a single UV DLP projector and a series of UV Enhanced Aluminum mirrors to redirect the DLP light under the Build VAT.

Safe for Educational Use

Besides the accuracy spindles used on Ilios Photon 2, the 3D printer features a UV protected enclosure which is locked with an RF ID card if used in an educational facility. If you are just purchasing the enclosure panels in the product options, the 3D printer does come with a door by default, it simply doesn't lock with a secure RFID mechanism but a simple magnetic contact. The VAT can be removed with ease. The VAT is installed in a metal frame and can be taken out by simply releasing its mounting clamps. Additionally the Lift features a solid 6mm thick surface, which allows for a reliable adhesion of the model to the lift plate, ensuring a safe build process.

Variable Resolution

The Variable resolution feature of the 3D printer allows the user to adjust the projection distance automatically without any mechanical intervention by selecting Pre-Sets on the 3D printer. The projector moves automatically where needed. This ensures that the resolution and build aspect ratio is consistent every time and eliminates any tweaking or readjustment.

You can choose in the product options between a 1280x800 and a full HD 1080p projector. The resolution is almost double with the full HD projection and the mounting as well as final form factor of the printer doesn't change no matter what option you choose.


The 3D printer comes already assembled and ready to be used. The electronics used within Ilios Photon are the newest versions of the Ilios Control Unit and the Ilios UI. This means that the Photon is equipped with a Color Touch Screen interface, WiFi, Ethernet and much more, right out of the box. Prepare your models within the Ilios 3D suite and print from a PC directly or export to an SD or USB drive and print from the 3D printer without the need for a PC connection or a PC all-together. Additionally you can control the 3D printer through the Web Interface anywhere in the world, through your Android or iOS device and even receive notifications to your SmartWatch and monitor the status of your 3D printer through the custom Android Wear and Tizen Watch Faces. All electronics are already connected and tested before shipment.

If you would like a custom solution for your application, please check out the Ilios Custom Kit where every option can be selected based on your needs.


  • Ilios Photon 2 3D Printer - Assembled
  • UV DLP Projector
  • Motorized Projector Distance
  • Automatic Resin Viscosity Adjustment
  • VAT Glass Protection Sensors
  • Variable Build Resolution
  • Fully Enclosed Design
  • Printer Door Electronically Locked - RF ID Card
  • All Electronics and hardware already installed
  • Color Touchscreen Interface
  • WiFi & Ethernet enabled
  • Print from a USB drive or SD Card directly
  • Ilios 3D Suite compatible
  • No PC required for printing
  • Resume a halted print
  • All Metal construction
  • Removable VAT
  • Dual Lift Metal Ball Bearing Spindles
  • Build size up to: 230mm x 165mm x 105mm
  • Build speed: 3 - 10 seconds per layer (depending on material)
  • Minimum Layer (TRUE) Thickness of 6 microns - 0.006mm
  • Mechanical Backlash of +/-3 microns (0.003mm)
  • Layer Accuracy (during printing) of 2 microns (0.002mm)
  • Mechanical Flex under 616 grams of ~6 microns (0.006mm)
  • Service Free VAT System
  • 3D Printer Dimensions: 536mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 300mm (L)
  • 3D Printer Weight: ~23kg
  • Power Supply: 110-230vAC 240W, Output 24vDC/10A, 92% Efficiency


The plastic parts on this as well as all other Ilios 3D printers are made from recycled materials. Plastics are used from water bottles, bottle caps, plastic jugs and recycled 3D printer parts. Coloring is added and some additional mixtures to regain the structure of the plastic and then parts are reprinted, helping the environment. The recycling is done directly in the Ilios workshop. You can read more about the process through our Facebook page, within the time line history.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the product, please visit the Forum and ask away. Someone shall help out as soon as possible. If all else fails, you can always Contact Us. You can also visit the FaceBook page for additional media.

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